How to Find the Best Affiliate App for ETSY

What is ETSY?

If you’re thinking about Amazon, then you’re a bit off. ETSY is like the more free-spirited sibling. The focus is on more of a unique viewpoint with their products and services. A lot of people that look for creative things like a beautiful homemade necklace, wine glasses, or even some great digital services, come here to shop. It’s that kind of variety and different approach that makes this kind of site a special glow where it’s not just about a digital transaction. Their goal is to “keep commerce human.”

They started out as a company with humble beginnings in a small apartment in Brooklyn, NY. 2005 was the year that Rob Kalin and his two friends set out on a mission to create some sort of creative hub, where crafters, artists, and makers could sell homemade and vintage items. It’s like creating an online boutique store where you could seek out great items for reasonable prices. Chad Dickerson joined in 2008 and became the CTO, and created a code called “Code as Craft.” In 2011, he stepped up as CEO and really paved the way for ETSY developing their own method of ecommerce.

It’s for this reason that over the past 12 years, they’ve been able to build a brand of 877 employees, 1.9 million active sellers, 31.7 million active buyers, 45 million items for sale, and gross annual sales of over 2 billion dollars. Quite an amazing feat for something that just started in an apartment, right? Well, this brand has expanded to different headquarters in Berlin, Dublin,  London, Paris, San Francisco, and Toronto to name a few. Almost every country in the world either sells or buys from ETSY. If you plan on taking your brand to another level, you might want to hook up with the right kind of affiliate software.

What is Affiliate Software?

Affiliate software is used to help promote your business. Within this software, you can create an affiliate program to help you reach a particular audience. You’ll be able to segment your marketing and find what demographics cater to particular products. You’ll be able to segment the market better and find out what products really pop on your page. It’s always important to find out whether you’re going with an established network or doing it all on your own. However, before you get to installing the affiliate software, think of a couple things prior to making a move.

It’s important to know your product and how it stands in your overall brand.Be clear on what really resonates with your audience. The key is not necessarily on selling someone, but to have them organically gravitate toward the product because it’s real. Before you fully launch your affiliate software, you can create a beta program to see if people like the bait. It’s always good to get a few freebies to keep their interest at a high level. The more you notice people bite the bait, then you can start a full affiliate program. By setting this kind of foundation from the start, it’s a lot easier to help you create a dynamic marketing campaign. Others like to work within their own system.

If you’re trying to create something on your own, it’s a good way to stay independent. You won’t be susceptible to fees and everything else that comes with abiding by a bigger network. However, there are great programs out there like Omnistar Affiliate Software that helps you meet your goals. Their key mission is to help you create a more manageable system so that you have long-term success. Not to mention, you can easily integrate their affiliate software with your brand in a matter of moments. You don’t have to do a bunch of coding to get things in order. Also, they have the right staff to integrate your software for free.

Why OSI Affiliate Software?

OSI Affiliate Software gives you what you need to really sustain a great affiliate program.

It started in 2000 with a goal of providing web-based solutions to everyone from Fortune 500 and small businesses. Everyone on the staff helps you meet your ultimate goals.  They can help you develop your affiliate strategy, integrate your software, and provide you with the right tools so that you can make the process easier.

They have a keen objective - if you’re successful, than they’re successful. They’ve simplified things so that you don’t need to be a tech wizard to excel in their program.  In fact, here are a

few features that will help you really do well with your ETSY store.

Social Share Widget

The social share widget allows your supporters to promote you via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and through email. It’s a great way to give you more traffic.

Discount Codes

Discount codes help you decrease the bounce rate and increase sales because the customers will want to buy more products.

Contest Manager

This is perfect to use with ETSY. That creative mindset will only help you do more. The contest feature will help you motivate your supporters to promote your products. You have different things you can do to help your customers get more active. Why not try a gift card, a prize package, higher commissions, or even exclusive discount codes? These all help to get your supporters in the right mindset.

When finding an affiliate app, it’s important to see how well it connects with your store. ETSY is based on creativity and creating more of a personal connection. You’ll find that in combining your online store with affiliate software, you have more chances to create a long-lasting store. When you use Omnistar Affiliate, you already see how that interaction is very important to making both sides successful at the end of the day. Use this to help you create the best ETSY store possible. If you still feel a bit confused about affiliate marketing, there’s an affiliate training that would definitely help you reach your business goals

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