10 Awesome Shopify Marketing Apps

Marketing is something you need in order to advance your business. It can be quite a hassle when you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses, but good apps help to keep you afloat by making things easier. It’s ideal to find and do you research on the best apps to help you with your marketing deals as soon as possible. Shopify bridges that gap to keep your goals within reach and to also expand your brand into something bigger. As long as you have the best shopify app it would definitely happen sooner than later. Here are 10 awesome Shopify marketing apps that will help you grow your business.

Omnistar Affiliate Software

Need a good referral system? OSI Affiliate Software allows you to increase your traffic and sales through referrals. They have a stripped down approach to make it easy to use the software, so you aren’t fumbling over ridiculous codes.They give you great instructions to embed certain text, so that you don’t have to work so hard on the back end. Also, you can get someone from the staff to integrate the software for you -- free of charge. If you’re a numbers kind of person, keep track of your referrals, sales, and more with this great program.

Meta Tagger

Having good meta tags will bring you the right kind of organic traffic.This is still a powerful form of SEO because along with your content, you need the right kinds of tags or words that can rank on the search engine. If you’re in a restaurant business or create your own special sauce, then you would need the right descriptions and tags to help you target a particular audience. Get straight to the point and use meta tagger to keep things organized in your campaign.

Promotion Bar

The promotion bar helps you increase the appeal of your site. You have tons of aspects to promoting that you may have not considered. Promotion bar helps you explore what you can do with social sharing, emails, or creating the perfect banner for your homepage. Also, you can present your content in a certain way by having the right font and color for your background.You’ll increase the aesthetics of your site while giving the people the right information so they aren’t sent on a wild goose chase.

Better Coupon Box

There’s nothing like getting a great deal on a product. A quality pop up will enhance the user experience and it gives you a chance to upsell more. Think of the possibilities using a tool such as this one. For one, you’ll decrease the abandonment rate with carts because you can set a popup tool to help you get that last minute sale. This is good just in case someone is deciding to exit your site. Additionally, you provide an incentive because a coupon will entice the customer to look for the deal. You also bring out the “fear of missing out” emotion, so they are more antsy to buy.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. What you can say in the text, can easily be matched with an incredible image. These are the eye candy because it makes the reader feel a certain way just based off of the way something looks. Also, it helps break up the content so they aren’t scrolling through a bunch of text. The balance is in knowing how to optimize the image in a manner that the search engine crawlers know exactly what’s put into the picture. The one-click installation makes it easy to get the task done, and you can create a custom or default ALT template to your liking.

Free Shipping Bar

Bad shipping is one of the major ways to deter a customer from making a purchase. With the price of shipping going up, you’ll be in a rock and hard place to capitalize off sales. The free shipping bar helps to allow your customers great deals for shipping. You’ll be able to get them free or reduced shipping. It’s a good way for you to rake in more sales, and you can separate yourself from your competition. You can create a great slide out bar, and actually track what demographics click on it to help gain long term traction on your pages.

Lion Restock

One of the worst things you can do is to have product images on the site but don’t have stock. People that are looking for specific items get upset because they expected an item there but you didn’t notify whether or not it’s out of stock. Lion Restock is great because they help you get in touch with your customer base. You’ll let them know what’s out of stock and if there’s a restock available. This helps you keep your customers out of the dark so they know exactly what they’re about to buy.

Aftership Returns Center

A good return policy keeps the customer coming back even after a bad experience. Things aren’t always perfect, and you need to be ready for when that day comes. Aftership helps you come up with a good policy template and shows you the right steps to making it work with your clientele. You’ll have it all organized so there’s no confusion. You can direct your customers to the returns policy in case of any inquiries.

Beautiful Loyalty Programs for eCommerce & POS

A good loyalty program helps you out tremendously. When you start getting stable customers, it’s to your advantage to offer them exclusive deals to show your appreciation. The more you give, the more you get. Plain and simple. This particular app helps you keep tabs on things such as: rewarding social activity, monitoring customer insights, and learning different ways that people can earn points. You don’t have to create your own loyalty system from scratch. You have all you need right here.

FindItQuick Shopping Network

You could have the best product in the world, but if you don’t have the right marketing, it’s hard to sell. This app helps you get your product out there for free. You’ll be able to tap into different networks that will increase your visibility. This is very important because you want to find what networks cater to your niche. This way you can increase traffic and target a specific demographic. There’s a paid version where you can even target more traffic.

These are just 10 different apps you can use to help you increase your sales and traffic. What are some Shopify apps that have helped you maintain a successful business. When you decide to get an affiliate software make sure its affiliate tracking will work with your shopping cart or system. You can use keyword to make searching a lot more accurate and easy, if you’re using WordPress you can search best WordPress affiliate software, if you are using Shopify you can search best shopify affiliate software. If it’s the one of the best apps in the market it should be flexible with integrations. Please drop a note below.

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