Many businesses today now understand the importance of keeping all the lines of communication open between you and your customers. Live chat support software has now become one of the latest mediums to allow businesses to effectively communicate with their ever growing customer base.

Our live chat support software Omnistar Live has become a very popular solution that allows businesses to provide that next level of support. The cost effective Live chat component of Omnistar Live not only allows your site visitors to request chat sessions, but it also gives your support staff the ability to initiate chat sessions with anyone that is visiting your site by simply clicking a button.

Through the use of live chat support software businesses will have the ability to field sales and support inquiries, answer basic questions, and gather contact information from their site visitors. It is through this new form of online customer support communication that has enabled businesses to reach an increasingly larger base of customers and potential customers.  Using Omnistar Live chat support software, the chat support component will enable you to communicate with those customers that are more comfortable using the live chat messaging as opposed to email or phone conversations. The live chat component not only provides you with a new communication medium, but it also gives you the ability to easily document the conversations that your sales and support staff are having with your customers. Through the analysis of these conversations your business will be able to improve the delivery of your sales and support pitches.

Benefits of Omnistar live chat support software

  • Improve Communication between existing customers
  • Easily form new customer relationships
  • Resolve customer issues more rapidly
  • No Desktop software to install
  • Monitor chat request from small monitor window
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