Omnistar Live customer support help desk software manager is one of many dynamic online applications developed by Omnistar Interactive. As an eBusiness Application Service provider, Omnistar Interactive understands the need to be able to effectively communicate with your web site visitors. We also understand that each visitor to your web site could be a potential customer, partner or solid business contact.

After doing extensive research into customer relationship management tools, helpdesk support software and live chat support software Omnistar Interactive has been able to effectively develop a comprehensive application now known as Omnistar Live. It can be used as total call center issue tracking tool, live chat support tool, comprehensive knowledgebase and troubleshooter all in one.

Save Money!

In doing extensive research into the customer support software industry, we found that many companies pay high administrative fees for staff to sort through spread sheet files that can contain thousands of issues and responses. With this in mind we knew that the efficient use of the Internet along with a user friendly administrative interface, customer support expenses would be reduced greatly.

Improve Your Business!

Now that you have saved money by obtaining an effecient customer support software, you can start allocating funds to more productive areas. The utilization of our system can also lead to more sales by giving you an efficient channel in which you can consistently reach your customer base. Since you will no longer be funneling money towards administrative employees who were spending countless hours sorting through spread sheets, you may now channel funds towards activities that will improve your business as a whole.




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