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Hyattsville, MD - October 20, 2005 – Omnistar Interactive launches Omnistar Live 5.2

Omnistar Live is a dynamic live support software solution that gives you the ability to communicate with anyone coming to your web site in real time. Omnistar Live also includes a built in helpdesk software component which gives you the ability to log every issue that comes into to your organization and assign it to a support representative or department. In addition to the helpdesk Omnistar Live also includes a user and internal knowledgebase which allows you to categorize and store information for your staff and customers. Omnistar Live also has a contact management component which allows you to store information in a searchable database, create and send out HTML broadcast emails and search for information all through a user friendly interface. For more information on Omnistar Live, please visit:

The following features have been added for Omnistar Live version 5.2:

  • Omnistar Live Backend is 100% brandable
    Omnistar Live administrators can totally brand the backend administrative area which means administrators can provide additional instructions to their staff or Omnistar Live users from other countries can totally customize the backend to their language.
  • Includes 5 new graphs
    Omnistar Live now provides administers with 5 new graphs. Administrators will be able to see a graph for the following:
    - The number of hits that was received
    - The number of visits that was received
    - Interest Group based on users.
    - Statistics of the calls taken by the staff
    - Statistics of staff performance
  • Administrators can run staff event report for each staff member
    Administrators can now run the Staff Event Report and break it down based on the selected staff.
  • Enhanced ability to add ticket and user fields.
    Omnistar Live now has an enhanced interface for adding ticket and user fields. Users can now add multiple selection field in addition to multiple checkbox fields. The interface has also been modified to make it easier to add fields.
  • Ability to add attachments to staff events
    Staff now have the ability to add unlimited attachments to an event. With this new feature staff can easily share documents across task and departments.
  • Ability to search Address Books Notes
    Staff will now have the ability to search address book notes.
  • Fetch Email Ability Improved
    Now when email is fetched into Omnistar Live only the most recent request is fetched.
  • User Emails and Staff emails are more defined
  • Knowledgebase incorporated into ticket submission
    Now when users submit tickets the knowledgebase is automatically searched and the users will be able to see if a knowledgebase article answers their question and automatically close the ticket.
  • Improved interface for user ticket management section
  • Notify Me option added for knowledgebase
    This feature allows users to be notified if their are modifications to the article.
  • Enhanced API for third party applications
    API is created to allow users easily integrate Omnistar Live into third party
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