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Hyattsville, MD - January 25, 2005 – Omnistar Live is proud to feature Fibernet, LLC as the new featured client. FiberNet is a local, 100% fiber optic competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) based in Charleston, West Virginia. Fibernet provides local and long distance phone services as well as High Speed Internet connectivity. Omnistar Live is currently utilized to support several core internal systems and track any issues with these systems. The entire internal IT staff also uses Omnistar live to support any PC or software issues that any users report in their Local Area Network.

About Omnistar Live

Omnistar Live is one of many dynamic online applications developed by Omnistar Interactive. As an eBusiness Application Service provider, Omnistar Interactive understands the need to be able to effectively communicate with your web site visitors. We also understand that each visitor to your web site could be a potential customer, partner or solid business contact.

After doing extensive research into customer relationship management tools, online support and chat communication software, Omnistar Interactive has been able to effectively develop a comprehensive application now known as Omnistar Live.


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